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Further Bishops Croziers Background Information

A crozier is the stylized staff of office carried by high ranking Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and some Lutheran and Pentecostal prelates.

The crozier may also be carried in procession by an altar server known as a crozier bearer.  The crozier is conferred upon a bishop during his ordination to the episcopacy.  It is also presented to an abbot at his blessing, an ancient custom symbolizing his shepherding of the monastic community.  The crozier is used in ecclesiastical heraldry to represent pastoral authority in the coats of arms of cardinals, bishops, abbot and abbesses.

The fonts of many Christian denominations are intended for baptisms using a non-immersion method.  The simplest of these fonts has a pedestal with a holder for a basin of water.  A special silver vessel called an Ewer can be used to fill the font.

For over thirty years I have been using traditional methods to make the finest quality hand wrought Bishops Croziers and other ecclesiastical and ceremonial silver, both for the home market and for export all over the world. I am able to use my vast experience as an ecclesiastical silversmith to make Bishops Croziers to personal designs and specifications, produce replicas of existing pieces or copies of items which have been lost.

I also have vast expertise and experience in the restoration and repair of Bishops Croziers and other ecclesiastical ceremonial silverware.


Bishops Croziers Restoration and Repair

Do you need your Bishops Croziers repaired or would you like to commission a new Bishops Croziers? ContactMark Munson now. You can also exchange and/or sell your old silver to us towards the cost of your Bishops Croziers.

Crozier Commission 2014

Here is a crozier commission from 2014.