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Silver Paten Commission 2014


Silver Chalice and Paten Commission 2013


Further Paten and Bowl Patens Background Information

A Paten – The eucharistic vessel known as the paten is a small shallow plate or disc of precious metal upon which the element of bread is offered to God at the Offertory of the Mass, and upon which the consecrated Host is again placed after the Fraction.

“In many Western liturgical denominations, the paten is typically either a simple saucer-like plate or a low bowl. A smaller style paten will often have a depression that allows it to securely sit on top of the chalice.[citation needed] In more traditional denominations or parishes, altar servers may also use a small paten, usually attached to a short pole, which is placed under the chin of those receiving the Eucharist on the tongue; thus if the host accidentally falls, it would land on the paten rather than the floor.[1] The General Instruction of the Roman Missal lays down rules for patens: “[Like the chalice, the paten]…should be made from solid materials which are considered suitable in each region. The conference of bishops will be the judge in this matter. Materials which do not break or deteriorate easily are to be given preference.”[2] It is clear that patens and chalices do not have to be made of precious metal. Although this does not appear to rule out a material such as crystal, it would be considered unsuitable, whereas something such as ebony would be thought appropriate, and the use of a paten large enough for all is commended.[3] It is also used among Lutherans.[4]” Information from Wikipedia used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.



Paten and Bowl Patens Restoration and Repair

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