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Further Pectoral Cross Background Information

A processional cross is a crucifix or cross which carried in Christian processions.  They became detachable from their staff, so that the earliest altar crosses were processional crosses placed on a stand at the end of the procession.  In large churches the ‘crux gemmata’ or richly jeweled cross in precious metal, was the preferred style.

I have been using traditional methods to make the finest quality hand wrought processional crosses and other ecclesiastical and ceremonial silver, both for the home market and for export all over the world for over thirty years. I am able to use my vast experience as an ecclesiastical silversmith to make processional crosses to personal designs and specifications, produce replicas of existing pieces or copies of items which have been lost.

“A pectoral cross or pectorale (from the Latin pectoralis, “of the chest”) is a cross, usually relatively large, suspended from the neck by a cord or chain that reaches well down the chest. It is worn by the clergy as an indication of their position, and is different from the small crosses worn on necklaces by many Christians, which have no special significance. Most pectoral crosses are made of precious metals (platinum, gold or silver) and some contain precious or semi-precious gems. Some contain a corpus like a crucifix while others use stylized designs and religious symbols.

In many Christian denominations, it is a sign that the person wearing it is a member of the clergy and it may signify that the wearer is a member of the higher or senior clergy; however, in many Western churches there are an increasing number of laypeople who choose to wear some form of a cross around their neck.

While many Christians, both clergy and laity, wear crosses, the pectoral cross is distinguished by both its size (up to six inches across) and that it is worn in the center of the chest below the heart (as opposed to just below the collarbones).

Throughout the centuries, many pectoral crosses have been made in the form of reliquaries which contain alleged fragments of the True Cross or relics of saints. Some such reliquary pectorals are hinged so that they open to reveal the relic, or the relic may be visible from the front through glass.” Information from Wikipedia used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
I also have vast expertise and experience in the restoration and repair of pectoral crosses and other ecclesiastical ceremonial silverware.


Dear Mark

I just wanted to let you know how delighted all the ex-curates were with the unique pectoral cross you made for us, and that the new Bishop of Monmouth was absolutely thrilled with it when we presented it to him. As his Chaplain at the service I had the honour of presenting it to the Archbishop of Wales to place upon Bishop Richard. It was the object of much discussion after the service. Bishop Richard is looking forward to wearing for his first visit to see the sisters at Ty Mawr Convent, whose ‘Christ on the living tree’ inspired us in commissioning the cross from you.

Here is a link to the Diocesan Facebook page where the cross is on display!

Many thanks once again.

All good wishes
Fr John




Pectoral Cross Restoration and Repair

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