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Contact Mark Munson Silversmith, who has been dealing with ecclesiastical silverware for a period of over 30 years, to commission your Cruets. 
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Further Cruet Background Information:  

Middle English, from old French the diminutive of ‘crue’, flask of German origin. A small vessel which is normally made of glass, but can be a flagon of precious metals, which is used to contain the wine and the water which are mixed together at the consecration. 
Cruets range from nominal decanters to the highly decorative cut glass. Some cruets are unusual and can ether be intended to be ornamental or functional. 
During some Christian religious ceremonies, cruets are used to keep wine and water for Eucharist. These cruets are usually made of glass, though sometimes they are made of precious metals such as gold or silver. Typically each cruet will also be paired with a phoedelia (or stopper) often shaped as a cross, which protects the contents. Cruets specifically intended for religious ceremonies come in pairs; one to contain water, often marked A for Aqua, one to contain wine, V for Vinum. 
I have been using traditional methods to make the finest quality hand wrought Cruets and other ecclesiastical and ceremonial silver, both for the home market and for export all over the world for over thirty years. I am able to use my vast experience as an ecclesiastical silversmith to make Cruets to personal designs and specifications, produce replicas of existing pieces or copies of items which have been lost. 
I also have vast expertise and experience in the restoration and repair of Cruets and other ecclesiastical ceremonial silverware. 
Cruets Restoration and Repair 
Do you need your Cruets repaired or would you like to commission a new Cruet? Contact Mark Munson now. You can also exchange and/or sell your old silver to us towards the cost of your Cruet. 
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