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Contact Mark Munson Silversmith, who has been dealing with ecclesiastical silverware for a period of over 30 years, to commission your Monstrances. 
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Further Monstrance Information:  

“A monstrance is the vessel used in the Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Churches to display the consecrated Eucharistic Host. In medieval periods monstrances were constructed for the public display of relics, but the term is now usually restricted to those used for hosts. 
From the Latin ‘monstrare’ which means to expose. This is used to display the consecrated host, or wafers, to the congregation during the service of Benediction – which is held in our Church on the last Sunday of the month following Evensong. The priest blesses the people with the Eucharist displayed in the Monstrance. This blessing differs from the priest’s blessing, as it is viewed as the blessing of Christ, rather than that of the individual priest. When it is not displayed the reserved sacrament is kept in the locked Tabernacle.” Information from Wikipedia used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. 
For over thirty years I have been using traditional methods to make the finest quality hand wrought Monstrances and other ecclesiastical and ceremonial silver, both for the home market and for export all over the world. I am able to use my vast experience as an ecclesiastical silversmith to make Monstrances to personal designs and specifications, produce replicas of existing pieces or copies of items which have been lost. 
I also have vast expertise and experience in the restoration and repair of Monstrances and other ecclesiastical ceremonial silverware. 
Monstrances Restoration and Repair 
Do you need your Monstrance repaired or would you like to commission a new Monstrance? Contact Mark Munson now. You can also exchange and/or sell your old silver to us towards the cost of your Monstrance. 
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