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Quality Hall-Mark  

All our handmade gold and silver articles bear the London hall-mark guaranteeing the fine quality of the gold and silver, (inferior pieces of plate being defaced by the Goldsmiths’ Company if they are not up to the required high standard). The London Company was instituted in 1462, since then every piece of gold and silver plate made in London has to be statue to bear the Goldsmiths’ Company mark, the Sovereign’s mark, the registered makers mark and the date mark, thus ensuring an historic record of interest to the future generations. The English series of hall-marks is considered to be the most efficient in the world. No other country having such a complete consecutive record. 
All Chalices and Ciboria made by Mark Munson Silversmith are extra-strongly constructed, and are gilt inside, whether gilt all over or not. 
Special estimates can be submitted on request for Solid Gold Chalices and Ciboria. 
Special designs to fulfil any special needs or to incorporate clients own jewels, silver, or gold. 
Church Vessels and Ornaments of Mark Munson Silversmith may be obtained direct only from Mark Munson Silversmith, the actual makers and owners of the copyright. 
Mark Munson Silversmith offer only designs which have the merits of good proportion; finest materials, craftsmanship, and finish; and strict suitability for church use. If required, an inscription can be engraved usually under the base of chalices and ciboria. 
Mark Munson, Craftsman in Church Silver, Silver Plate and Brass Work. Call 07740 919 801 or email mark@markmunson.co.uk 
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