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New silver Chalice commissions, ciboria and more. Mark Munson Craftsman in Church Silver, Silver Plate and Brass Work. 

I have over the last thirty years made many New Silver Chalice, Patens and Ciboria, Wafer and Pyx boxes and other pieces of ecclesiastical and ceremonial plate. 
I have been using traditional methods to make the finest quality hand wrought Silver Chalices, Ciboria, Wafer boxes and other ecclesiastical and ceremonial silver, both for the home market and for export all over the world. I am able to use my vast experience as an ecclesiastical silversmith to make Altar Sets, Candlesticks, Processional Crosses, Croziers, Chalice and Ciboria. 
I can make to personal designs and specifications, produce replicas of existing pieces or copies of items which have been lost. 
I also have vast expertise and experience in the restoration and repair of Monstrance, Viaticum, Antique Chalice, Patens and other ecclesiastical ceremonial silverware. 
I am also able to offer gold plating, gilding and re-silver plating. Polishing of silver, silver and gold plate and brass work, replace glass for silver cruets and the restoration of thurribles. 


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